Broil King 976184 Regal 490 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Broil King 976184 Regal 490 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The new Regal Series has a stylish, contemporary design while still producing the legendary BBQ cooking results you have come to expect from Broil King. All the features that have made us an industry leader are underneath the sleek and modern lid. For the outdoor chef who wants the best in both style and function, at an exceptional value, look no further than the Regal Series Barbeques.

Broil King 976184 Regal 490

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Broil King 976184 Regal 490 Features:

– 50000 BTU main burner with 10000 BTU side burner and 15000 BTU rear rotisserie burner and rotisserie kit
– Stainless steel flav-r-wave cooking system with reversible cast iron cooking grids
– 695-Square inch total cooking space with 500-Square inch primary cooking space
– 4 Stainless steel dual-tube burners
– Sure-Lite electronic dual-electrode ignition system and Deluxe ACCU-temp thermometer
– Product Dimensions: 56.3 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches
– Shipping Weight: 175 pounds


Customer Reviews:

Broil King Regal 490
By Fish4Fun

“I spent the first 30 years of my grilling life using a charcoal grill; about 10 years ago I received a Charbroil Commercial series grill for my birthday. It took a while to get use to LP, but the convenience made me keep using it. On the list of things I didn’t like about the Charbroil grill was how uneven the heating was and the absolute inability to get it hot enough to sear steaks, but I learned to live with it.

We recently added a new second-story deck off our upstairs “game room”. It was time for a second gas grill. I was tempted to move my old charcoal grill up on the deck, but for fire-safety reasons decided gas was a better answer. I read everything I could find on LP grills and had all but decided on a highly rated Napoleon grill, but then I talked with a friend of mine who had been in the propane business all his life; he suggested I get a Broil Master. I went back to the online reviews, and through a comedy of errors ended up ordering the Broil King Regal 490, all the while thinking I was ordering the Broil Master my friend had suggested. I didn’t catch my mistake until after the grill arrived. I decided I would keep my mistake and hope for the best…

The Broil King Regal 490 has FAR EXCEEDED any expectations I had for ANY LP grill. It heats evenly and quickly reaches searing temperatures I thought were impossible on a gas grill. The rotisserie burner makes a Boston butt or a whole chicken into a fool proof meal with no danger of flare-ups or burning. I cannot attest to longevity, but the grill is made from heavy gauge components that appear to be very good quality. Assembly was trivial, though the instruction manual is pictures only and several of the assembly steps include items that came pre-assembled. The quality difference between my Commercial Series Charbroil and the Broil King Regal are night and day though the price is about the same. I will say that even if the grill were to rust to pieces in a year or two (there are NO signs this might occur) I would likely purchase another one simply because it cooks so well. I can sear steaks and then lower the temperature and achieve rare to medium well without burning or over charring; it is truly amazing!

While I did not purchase an LP grill with the intention of using it as a pizza oven, it turns out to be ideal for the purpose. I received a “pizza stone” for x-mas a few years back, but it didn’t fit in my convection oven, and my standard range oven simply doesn’t get hot enough to make the stone affective. After cooking on the Regal 490 a few times I realized it would be perfect for the pizza stone. It takes about 5 minutes to pre-heat the stone/grill to 600F on high, then throw the pizza on the stone and turn the burners back to low; a thin crust pizza takes about 6 minutes and has a perfect crust! (I have been reticent to see how hot the grill will actually get, but it gets to 600F in short order, and holds 550F for quite some time even with all the burners on low). Commercial pizza ovens are typically capable of at least 1000F, but most use settings between 600F and 800F. I plan to experiment with different temps with different types of pizza dough, but I am already amazed!”

Very happy with this grill so far
By R. Grossman

“I put this grill together over the weekend and contrary to some online reviews I’ve seen, I found the assembly to be pretty simple. Assembly manual is all pictures so if you tend to like things explained in more detail, I can see where it might cause some stress. It does take a couple of hours though and you need to take care that screws are going in straight so that you don’t accidentally cross thread any of the pre-threaded grommets that are riveted to many panels.

If you take your time and test each grommet to make sure the bolt goes in straight and doesn’t bind then you should be fine. I also found that keeping things loose enough to give a little play while assembling helped to align things properly before tightening down.

The grill itself is very heavy duty and seems to be very well built. The box it came in weighed in at a hefty 186 lbs as per the label. This grill gets very hot. Much hotter than my old Char-Broil, approaching 700 degrees with all burners on high. We’ve used it a couple of times and I am pretty pleased. I cooked chicken on it last night and had to keep it at a very low setting which still produced temperatures of 300-325 or so. I am looking forward to trying out the rotisserie soon which is another nice feature that is not included with a lot of grills.

I’ve looked at Webers and Broil-King seems to be pretty comparable in terms of quality and sturdiness with along with some nicer features like the rotisserie. I looked at the grills at the big box stores and while they look nice, many of them are made in China and got poor reviews as they rusted prematurely or didn’t get hot enough. Broil-King is made in Canada and U.S. and has a solid reputation from what I could tell. Broil-King also has a pretty good warranty at a price point a little below the Webers. This is my first experiment with a higher end grill and so far so good. I’ll try to update this review after a few months of use and let you know what I’ve found.”


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